The first real-time unification

of all nanoanalytical & quantum technologies 

with a lab-on-nanochip

ICeNd is spun off to create pioneering artificial lives for the sustainability of humanity on earth and outside earth. We have created nature-inspired innovations of sub-25 nanometer nanofluidic channels,  quantum materials, and physics-driven AI as building blocks of artificial lives.

We pick up single molecules in fluid, manipulate atomic defects, perform quantum sensing, and extract mechanical energy with ICeNd's breakthrough nanotechnology innovations

Our flagship technologies

>> Quantum Nanomaterials

>> Single-Molecule Nanofluidics 

The first 25 nanometre solid-state technology for fluids


Modifying materials with single-atom precision

The first universal solution for light-optics, electron-optics, x-ray, and nanoelectronics

Democratising nanotechnology for industry, research, education and standardisation with a series of robust nanoDs

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